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  • To start with, I have never used Microsoft Windows. So I have a few questions.

    Microsoft Windows needs an antivirus program because it is in danger of getting viruses.

    Microsoft Windows also needs anti malware protection, antispyware protection..

    Windows needs firewalls to protect from hackers.

    Windows needs registry cleaners to clean the registry which gets messed up from installing and uninstalling software.

    Windows has a defragmenter for defraging the hard drive which does get pretty bad over time.

    Windows also needs a good cleaning program for the hard drive.

    Microsoft requires the latest computers to run their latest operating system. The old computers just wont work with the newer Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft requires to much memory and system resources.

    Microsoft requires you to constantly install drivers for various hardware.

    My question is,

    Why would anyone use such a crappy operating system if you need all this garbage just to keep it running?

    A better question, why would people pay hundreds of dollars for an inferior system when there are way superior operating systems available for FREE that are open source?

    Linux does not need anti virus software because Linux does not get viruses.
    Linux does not need a registry cleaner because nothing gets written to the registry when installing software.
    Linux does not need a defragmenter because the Linux hard drive does not become fragmented.
    Linux also does not need anti malware, anti spyware or firewalls or hard drive cleaners. Linux does not get that junk into its system and the Linux system is designed so secure that a firewall is not even necessary.

    In Linux you dont have to worry about drivers. You plug your hardware in and it works. Thats it. Everything works. Webcams, printers, scanners everything. You never need to install drivers because everything you need is already there.
    Other than that Linux looks just about the same as Microsoft windows. Its really hard to see the difference. Except you dont have all that other garbage installed that is needed to keep microsoft running.
    Unlike Microsoft that cost hundreds of dollars, Linux is free and available all over the internet.

    So my question is why are people still dumping money into an inferior operating system when Linux is much better, easier to use, more stable, more secure, and FREE?

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:25 AM