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    I feel Live one care is doing its job, But I would like to know why My MSN Spaces is plauged with trojans?

    Example: If I'm visiting MSN Spaces and I want to view an Clip that is on another Persons Space, I always get asked to install an Active X to view the clip, If I allow the install, then Live One Care pops up and tells me there is a trojan and cleans it for me.

    Now I've tried to view serveral Different Peoples clips in MSN Spaces and have the same resualt!

    Doesn't MSN monitor its own Spaces Site?

    Why do I even have to install anything anyway, Isn't MSN Spaces controlled by Microsoft, I have the newest Browser offered by Microsoft.

    I think the movie viewers being offered by MSN / Microsoft needs to by checked and cleaned because it is ovius to me that there is an problem here.

    I'll say one more thing, It is not my computer...My computer is 1 month old, and the first thing I installed was Live One Care, So Microsoft better get on the ball and clean up its website in my opinion.

    Saturday, September 6, 2008 5:35 AM

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