How to convert individual slides into image files? RRS feed

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    I wrote the following code


    String^ strTemplate;

    String^ strPic;

    strTemplate = "D:\\Presentation\\Presentation.ppt";

    bool bAssistantOn;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint::Application^ App;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint:Stick out tongueresentations^ presentations;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint::_Presentation^ presentation;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint:Tongue Tiedlides^ slides;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint::_Slide^ slide;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint:Tongue TiedlideRange^ sliderange;

    Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop::Graph::Chart^ chart;

    App = gcnew Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint::Application();

    App->Visible = Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Core::MsoTriState::msoTrue;

    presentations = App->Presentations;

    presentation = presentations->Open(strTemplate, Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Core::MsoTriState::msoFalse,Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Core::MsoTriState::msoTrue,Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Core::MsoTriState::msoTrue);

    slides = presentation->Slides;

    int slideRange = presentation->Slides->Count;


    Through this code i am able to open a desired presentation but now i am stuck with the problem of how to convert the individual slides into image format through my code, can anyone help me with that?




    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 9:51 AM



    I found it out finally it was just a matter of syntax only


    So in order to a presentation in a image format all we need to do is to use the the following line of code


    App->ActivePresentation->SaveCopyAs("C:\\some",Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Interop:Stick out tongueowerPoint:Stick out tonguepSaveAsFileType:Stick out tonguepSaveAsJPG,Microsoft:Surpriseffice::Core::MsoTriState::msoTrue);



    But if there are any other methods then do let me know ................

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:43 AM