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  • In October 2007, I noticed that my search results for www.simply-europe.co.uk, a travel site geared to European holidays were starting to diminish very quickly. I had about 400 pages indexed, with about 80-100 TOP first/second page listings which were bringing a lot of good business, so good that I finished my full time job to be a full time webmaster. At one time my pages  listed went down to about 40 old pages, nearly all having been taken off my site months ago.


    I contacted MSN support, who informed me there there had been a problem with the submission software, and I was advised to to resubmit after a few days. I did this, and after about 18 days, my pages began to reappear (450 pages), but without the ranking I was enjoying. Seemingly, the only page to be ranked was home page.


    MY site page views and earnings have gone down 90%  as most of my top holiday companies were first or second page listings on MSN, bringing a good income. We are now into the busiest holiday booking period, and still with no rankings, my page views today sat 5th January are 250 where as Jan 2007 were 3000.  PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, January 5, 2008 6:25 PM

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  • I have had the exact same issue. Until today, I didn't know that MSN finally had wemaster tools. My client's site, touchdownhotels.com was indexed by MSN for almost all of its 80+ pages and was getting first page search results for a while....then one day....nothing. I originally noticed that there were no clicks coming from MSN, then I decided to check the keywords and finally realized that there were only 2 pages indexed....the home page and a contest page! I was devistated. I am a webmaster and this site is one of 4 sites my client has asked me to build. It makes me look real bad when one day all of a sudden your site disappears from a search engine. I wish someone would answer this question. I even submitted the site for review for possibly being blocked for some reason, but I never got a response. I used to really enjoy MSN for placement, now....not so much.

    Friday, January 11, 2008 4:11 PM