CRM 2013 Auto Case Creation not working for some senders RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    We are using CRM 2013 SP1 and are using the Auto-Case creation features with the routing rule sets. We also have a manual workflow process which executes on case creation for manually created cases to create queue items pointing to the case and route the queue items so they can be accessed in a queue by the correct team.

    Our problem is a very strange one - whenever one user, such as myself (a@aa.com) emails the queue e-mail address queue@queue.com, it will create the e-mail activity, create the case, route the case and all is great. When another user, b@bb.com emails the same queue, with the same e-mail, nothing appears - they get no auto response, no e-mail in the crm system, no auto-created contact from their email.

    The case creation rules have 'create cases from unknown senders' selected. When b@bb.com sends the email in, the only activity we can see is a null reference exception in the event log of the CRM server where it is trying to execute the workflow to create a queue item and route it - but it doesn't seem to be bringing in the e-mail or creating the query - so the queue item is pointing to an empty query thus null reference exception (we think).

    This isn't just happening for 2 e-mail addresses. It appears that a large number of users can send to the queue e-mail address and it creates a case just fine, but when dozens others attempt to send to the same queue (from the same domain), it just doesn't create anything.

    The customer is fairly disappointed that we cannot get all the e-mails to create cases - does anybody have any idea why or how to troubleshoot? We have also tried IISrestart and reboot of CRM server but no luck. SQL server isn't reporting any errors. ALL the e-mails are appearing in the outlook folder of the queue, so we know they are definitely receiving them.


    Tuesday, January 6, 2015 1:40 PM