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  • I have had several serious issues crop up. I have found Microsoft's e-mail support so bad, that I am--very seriously---thinking about buying a Mac, just to get the heck away from anything to do with stinking Microsoft!

    This is not an hounourable company, but a monster, eating us users up for breakfast, and spitting us out again.

    First, I had a virus issue...I ran the online scan as recommended, but...four bugs were not fixed...however, online support IGNORED that four bugs were not fixed...and YES, I did tell them---and they cheerfully said, basically, "sorted, goodbye."

    Part of the virus (the infamous "GENERIC32" windows virus, also makes it impossible for me to upgrade to IE-7.

    But...another issue cropped up...when I downloaded the new version of Firefox 3.1, I lost all my sound....whether that was related to the previous virus, I have no idea. 

    Anyway, MS support was helping me to figure out how to get my sound back...as instructed, I ran the device manger...but the list did not contain anything that said "sound card intalled," or 'installed sound card," or whatever. So, I e-mailed the support person, "Violet,"...and...it the e-mail kept coming back.

    In fact, I couldn't reach ANYONE at MS support! Turns out, the mailboxes were all full...and apparently they bounce back as undeliverable. Nice. Coming from Microsoft, that's NOT very impressive!

    So, I FINALLY got one through to this "violet' (that's another thing, why does Microsoft insist on giving Asian reps "English" names? Do they think an Asian name would make us feel more comfortable? Cripe, if that's not racism, I don't know what is...sorry, I digress--that issue  is something to blog about, I suppose, and not to discuss here.

    Anyway, I've been waiting SIX DAYS for this "violet" to answer my questions....total silence. And, when I try to contact her supervisor, again, my mail gets bounced back as undeliverable.

    I find this unacceptable and VERY disrespecful. If they have decided not to help me any longer, or are busy...as simple courtesty, they should send me a short e-mail, telling me, so I'm not anxiously waiting for days and days, for a resolution.

    I'm fed up. I've decided  literally throw out my computer, because without sound---to me, who has a vision problem, and also spends a lot of time watching videos and listening to music.

    Microsoft support sucks, and I swear on my dead mother's grave that I am either buying a Mac, or just doing without a computer altoghter...NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION!!!
    Sunday, September 7, 2008 4:09 AM

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  • Hi Dusty Boots,

    i'm not from the support team. I belong to the Evangelism unit. I'm very sorry that you are encountering such problems with the support group. I can feel that you're pretty pissed with the support, but hey, lets be objective and see how i can help you. Though i am not a support person, i'll try my best to see if i can be of help.

    From your email, i do see that you have the following problems;
    1. You are infected by a virus
    2. You can't upgrade to IE7
    3. You installed a new version of FireFox and lost all of your sound capabilities in your machine

    I am not sure which support center you got in touch with, lets not bother about that.
    I'm based in Singapore, where are you from ?

    Dennis Chung | IT Pro Evangelist | Microsoft Singapore
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 1:44 AM