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     I wish they would incorporate Sata HD drivers at install of the server!

    It would make one step you wouldn't have to make.  I had also D/Led

    Server 2008 beta and it had Sata HD drivers during install.  So I know

    they can do it



    The ability to hide any folder a non-admin doesn’t have access to!



    Back up priority!  Able to set the backup to run at a lower priority or

    even pause if the PC being backed up is being used.



    Have the Ability to backup only newer files!  It would make the time

    involved for the backup to run, just that mach lower!


    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 1:26 AM

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  • Hi,


    I've now tried it on an 'old' Gigabyte mo'bo with 2 inbuilt Sata drives, installed with no problems.

    Also tried it on a Dell SC1435 server with to SAS drives, installed with no problems, (it's now running on the same server using the 2 built-in Sata ports).


    The ability to hide folders is a good idea and you should move it to the 'Suggestions' section of this site.


    Never had any problems using a machine while it's being backed up, but I see it could be a problem in some cases. I guess the answer is to schedule the backups outside the normal usage times. I think the pause, is a great idea, plus a resume feature if the network connection is lost, (eg wireless).


    Apart from the initial backup, it already only backs up disk sections that have changed and I find it only takes a few minutes for most machines.


    However, as I said, redo your suggestions in the 'Suggestions' section.





    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 5:14 PM