data import - 1:N link not being created though option set

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  • I have this import where the CSV file has the data for this entity and the last column is  the data to another entity that is linked a 1:N

    so lets say the CSV is

    Entity A                  |    Entity B

    column 1, Column2 |     Column 3

    john ,   Smith         |     Programmer

    And I map it like

    Source   |   Destination

    1 (John)                      |    A1

    2  (Smith)                   |    A2

    3  (programmer)         |    B3 (option set)

    As it is for column 3, it is not creating a link when I import it

    Apparently there was a option set on that form but now its being replaces with a Grid

    So Entity A has a grid with info of related records from entity B rather than a look up option set.

    Is there a way to link it through import? does the value for column 3 need to be its ID rather that the value?

    Sunday, November 03, 2013 9:24 AM

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