Add a thread count to profile statistics RRS feed

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  • It would be nice (at least I think so!) if along with the existing forums stats, eg Helpful Answers, Helpful Posts, Replies, we could also have a count for the number of threads that have been replied to.

    When it comes to gaging the level of accuracy on the forums, it's hard to judge based on the current stats alone. For instance, my stats are currently 447 answers from 1,075 replies. That could mean I only reply once per thread and less than half of my answers are right (or at least marked as such), or that on average I reply twice per thread and almost all of those threads get a reply marked as an answer.

    If we had a thread count added to the stats, seeing whether the thread count was closer to the answer count or the reply count would make that much clearer.

    Tuesday, March 4, 2014 7:08 PM