CRM 4.0 Web Services, SPLA deployment and WCF RRS feed

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    I am having an issue getting the CRMService to work correctly using WCF.  I have downloaded the discovery and crm service wsdl files and generated proxy classes and using the default config generated by svcutil.  I am able to contact the discovery service and recieve a CrmTicket from the discovery service but I cannot get it to then turn around and perform a "retrieve multiple" from the crm service using the crm ticket.  I am able to get the similar code to work using a VS 2005 project with a web reference just fine.  I just can't get the WCF, using VS 2008, to work correctly.


    In an SPLA deployment, do I have to tweak the standard config generated by svcutil to get the crm service to work?



    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:31 AM