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  • I am getting close to making final considerations for my initial build (before activation). The motherboard isssue is the one I have the most undecideds about. Wanted to get input on some considerations and welcome any additional input on what else might really be a big factor in not "boxing" my future options. What factors are important in considering the WHS for the near futrre

    With added functions and capabilities presumed on the way I am now thinking I may want the MOBO to be able to handle more than 2GB (also Ii may want one with 4 memory slots instead of2).


    Esata ports are they a deal breaker on which board to buy? My knowledge is weak on this technology.


    Want ability for min of four internal drives I've decided I think I'm going SATA but do I want to make sure that I have support on the MOBO for the 3GBS.


    Lan port (my biggest now solved problem on installation of my "test system")- is 1GB really that much better. That also means some additional expense because it means a new router sooner rather than later if I want that advantage).



    One   mainboard I am getting the itch to buy is the Gigabyte Tech GA_P35-DS3L ATX . Was looking at cheaper boards (this one I can get locally for $109.00 Compusa). Incorporates alot of these features More than what I had looked at previously but prefer not to have to upgrade the MOBO for along time.


    Tuesday, November 6, 2007 3:35 AM

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  • In no particular order.....  Good, solid board.  I've got one of its bretheren in my MCe2k5 server (specifically, a GA-965-DS3, which you might want to take a look at.)  One thing to keep in mind, should you go with the P35, is the lack of onboard video - you'll need to install (at least temporarily) a PCIe or PCI vidcard to run setup.  The 965, at least, has onboard (and, good, at that.)  Plus, it costs less.  Smile


    Onboard eSATA, or lack thereof, I wouldn't call a deal-breaker.  If you really find yourself needing more SATA ports (either internal or external), you can always add a SATA controller card later, for little cost.


    As for the NIC:  it's getting harder and harder to find boards that don't have a gigabit port.  However, a gigabit NIC doesn't mean that you'll need a gigabit switch just yet:  the NIC will only run as fast at what it's connected to.  Connect a gigabit NIC to a 10/100 switch, and it'll run at 100Mb/s.  But, it (the 1Gb potential) will be there, waiting, should you ever find the need to upgrade your network.


    My advice would be to go with the 965.  Great board, nice price.

    Find yourself a case yet?

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007 4:27 AM
  • Since WHS is designed to have a maximum of 10 concurrent connections, meeting or just surpassing the "recommended" hardware requirements will give you plenty of horsepower on the server end of your network setup.  In any network arrangement, server hardware doesn't become a consideration until you're dealing with hundreds of clients, then you want to have the "quad-core Xeon proc. with 8GB RAM and fibre channel RAID access", etc.


    A P4 with 2 GB RAM, multiple sata connections (esata is just a variant of sata connectors, generally connected to the MB by way of a cable and PCI slot adapter, as way to connect external sata drives), 3 - 4 PCI, PCI Express slots, and gigabit NIC, and you'll be good to go.  Concentrate primarily on getting 3 or 4 500GB drives to give yourself good storage capacity and you'll find yourself to be in pretty good shape.  Cross reference any potential motherboards with the Windows Server 2003 hardware catalog, so you don't wind up in a deadend like I experienced. Wink

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007 4:59 AM