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    I have one simple issue, and asus, whom is supposed to take over your tech support as per the agreement for my license of windows cannot answer my question.


    According to your documentation and system requirements for both windows xp and windows vista there is no reference to an intentional lack of support for installing either of these operating systems on an external drive running through a USB 2 interface.


    Your tech support is full of *** when they say that this interface is too slow, in fact, it is not because there are plenty of people who have managed to get this working with all sorts of headaches along the way, and it runs fine and at an acceptable speed.


    I'm pissed.  You get money and state nothing that indicated your intentional crippling of your product in any of your documentation until other people ran into the issue and mentioned it in your forums.  I still feel as though this demonstrates a lack of commitment to your CUSTOMER, because this is obviously something a customer would want to do if per chance, their laptop hard drive got nerfed and they happen to have an external drive handy.


    I am running ubuntu on this external drive just fine.  The thing that pisses me off is that I cannot run windows programs while I am busy waiting for my replacement drive to come in the mail.  In fact, I had a perfectly fine installation of ubuntu on my computer and I wiped it out because I wasn't aware of the pure ignorance your software team has with regards to this intentional crippling of windows family operating systems.




    Fix my friggin problem or I'm filing a report with the BBB regarding false misrepresentation of xp and vista.  And I would hope that others do the same.  I would also file a rip off report.


    This problem has been mentioned numerous times, and your damn ignorant staff turn around and say "it's impossible" when it is not.  They also say "it wouldn't be stable" when that is not true either.  You know where you can shove your canned responses and poor customer support with regards to this subject.


    I attempted creating a new iso and followed the guide, of course that fails the installer just doesn't like the changes that I made to things (I think I screwed up on one line).  I ran out of blanks so I get to go to the store and buy some more and see if I can get 1 friggin working copy, but honestly, I'm furious that I gotta go through all of this bs just because you can't offer a product that is versatile -- unlike the community of linux users out there who are more than happy to solve our problems for us; and the funniest thing is they don't even get paid for it.

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 2:25 PM

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