How to read XML file RRS feed

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  • How to read xml file and how to store this file data in array and how to print this array data.(In asp.net with vb.net)


    Example of  xml file(Information is file name)

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>



    <items name="Scrip_cd">509709</items>

    <items name="Qtr">58</items>

    <items name="Audited">Un-Audited</items>

    <items name="Result Type">Q</items>

    <items name="Date Begin">01-Apr-08</items>

    <items name="Date End">30-Jun-08</items>

    <items name="Type">1</items>


    <item name="Net Sales" Value="136.20">


    <item name="Other Income" Value="3.50">

    <items name="Interest Income" Value="3.20"></items>

    <items name="Other Income From Operations " Value="0.30"></items>


    <item name="Total Income" Value="139.70">


    <item name="Expenditure" Value="-125.00">

    <items name="(Increase)/Decrease in Stock in Trade" Value="-1.70"></items>

    <items name="Consumption of Raw Materials" Value="-71.50"></items>

    <items name="Other Expenditure" Value="-26.10"></items>

    <items name="Depreciation" Value="-12.90"></items>

    <items name="Consumption of Stores &amp; Spare Parts" Value="-0.40"></items>

    <items name="Cost of Power &amp; Fuel" Value="-3.70"></items>

    <items name="Employees Cost" Value="-8.70"></items>


    <item name="Interest" Value="-6.90">


    <item name="Exceptional Item" Value="0.00">


    <item name="Profit (+)/ Loss (-) from Ordinary Activities before Tax" Value="7.80">


    <item name="Tax" Value="-1.20">

    <items name="Current Tax" Value="-1.00"></items>

    <items name="Fringe Benefit Tax" Value="-0.20"></items>


    <item name="Net Profit (+)/ Loss (-) from Ordinary Activities after Tax" Value="6.60">


    <item name="Extraordinary Items" Value="0.00">


    <item name="Net Profit" Value="6.60">


    <item name="Equity Capital" Value="24.00">


    <item name="Face Value (in Rs)" Value="10.00">


    <item name="Reserves" Value="0.00">


    <item name="EPS before Extraordinary items (in Rs)" Value="0.00">


    <item name="EPS after Extraordinary items (in Rs)" Value="0.00">

    <items name="Basic &amp; Diluted EPS after Extraordinary items" Value="2.73"></items>


    <item name="Number of Public Shareholding" Value="706,515.00">


    <item name="Percentage of Public Shareholding" Value="29.44">


    <item name="Notes" Value=""><![CDATA[ Status of Investor Complaints for the quarter ended June 30, 2008<BR><BR>Complaints Pending at the beginning of the quarter Nil<BR><BR>Complaints Received during the quarter Nil<BR><BR>Complaints disposed off during the quarter Nil<BR><BR>Complaints unresolved at the end of the quarter Nil<BR><BR>1. The Auditor&amp;acute;s qualification in respect of Audited Accounts for the year ended March 31, 2008 which requires disclosures are as follows:<BR><BR>a. Loans to Bodies Corporate amounting Rs 20,38,519/- including interest receivable amounting to Rs 88,519/- has become overdue for payment, Persuasive steps are being taken to recover the same along with interest accrued till March, 2002, Rs 88,519/-. Pending outcome, the said amount has been considered good of recovery. Interest for subsequent period considering the uncertainty as to realization will be accounted for as and when settled/received.<BR><BR>b) Certain debit and credit balances including sundry debtors, creditors and advances are subject to confirmation and reconciliation with respect to the same.<BR><BR>c) Revenue recognition in respect of diminution of Rs 3.20 million in the value of investments in Bowrings Fine Art Auctioneers Pvt Ltd has not been made in these accounts since these are long term strategic investment.<BR><BR>d) In Accordance with the AS-22 on Accounting for Taxes on Income issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, deferred Tax liability will be adjusted at the year end.<BR><BR>e) Previous quarter figures has been regrouped/rearranged wherever necessary.<BR><BR>2. As on June 30, 2008, the company had inter-alia outstanding forward exchange contracts for hedging future exports against the associated currency rate risks. The Mark-to-Market (MTM) losses on such forward contract as on June 30, 2008 stood at Rs 25.880 million.<BR>Further, MTM looses on outstanding derivative contracts viz. Options and swap Contracts entered into, based on past performance / underlying of foreign currency end other exposures to hedge the associated currency and / or interest rate risks as on June 30, 2008 stood at 49.331 million. Such losses being notional and not affecting cash flow of the Company and the actual gain or loss in this respect is ascertained and getting accrued only on culmination of respective contracts, are recognized accordingly. Out of above loss of 49.331 million, as a matter of abundant caution, Rs 23.450 million has already been provided for in earlier year and have been continued to be kept in these accounts and for the balance amount no provision has been considered necessary and will be given effect to at the end of the year or on the date of the respective settlements.<BR><BR>R K Dabriwala<BR>Managing Director]]> </item>


    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 9:47 AM