Money 2007 - my credit card downloads started being a problem - don't know if I hit a key that changed settings RRS feed

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  • I am very happy with Money but after having to download credit card transactions I can no longer convert files to .obx.     

    Wondering if I can restore a previous data backup but then how would I get my current back on ... will a current backup take me back to the problem or will it only import data?   I am no longer seeing just Money backups since early 2017 (now they all ready money data backup - no longer says money backup alone).  Now I only see the money data backups being saved in 2018.   Thinking one was saved program itself and would the data backup would cover both??    Any better suggestions would be great.  Thanks

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  • Save any *.mbf files that you have onto other media to prevent new damage.

    Money 2007, by default, keeps the most recent 4 backups. I have increased the number myself.

    It is a little unclear what you are seeing. If you are looking for backup files, I suggest you search your hard drive for money backup files, by doing the following in a command window.

     dir \*.mbf /s

    Expect it to take a while. Note the dates on the files. This will search your entire C drive usually.

    If your oldest backup is dated after  the problem, we will move on to trying to repair your *.mny file.

    Did you make any backups into other media in case your hard drive crashed?

    EDIT: I now wonder if I missed the point of your post. Is it only importing the credit card files that is a problem? Do you download them as *.qfx and rename the files, or what? Tell us more about the procedure you are having a problem with. Could it be as simple as needing to rename *.qfx files to *.ofx rather than *.obx?

    Also, maybe name the credit card.

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