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  • Hello I downloaded WHS with PP3 and installed it all fine, on a fresh install it downloaded all the updates 109 all together it said it needed installed them then asked for a reboot, once it rebooted the server hung at the screen with the dashed runing left to right, I left this serveral hours to see if it was updates, but no indication of any updates going on in the background, I then rebooted several times and it hung at the same point every time.

    I then did a reinstall (new installation) & (reinstallation) & (new installation again!!!) selected to manually download and install updates, again it downloaded 109 updates then decided to install them without asking me which one I wanted to install, I cancelled this at update no36, rebooted and it hung again at the same point!!!

    Is there a site where I can manually download individual updates 1 by 1 and install to test and see which on is killing the server??

    I've got one or two other little niggles with WHS

    Computer Backups was displaying connected computer(s) then decided no computer(s) are connected so can't do backups. but I can see the server from PC on shared files and connector, done a repair but it says Backup service not running??

    When the Server is up and running my internet connect goes to a stand still on the connected PC (is there anything I need to do to resolve this)

    I can't connect to the outside world as I can't get the upnp part of my router working, I'm on shy with a thomson router from sky, is it worth investing in a Netgear router or similar which is compatiable with WHS.

    Cheers in advance


    Monday, January 17, 2011 12:45 PM