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    I need some serious help right now. Every once in a while (its a lot more often now) my PC starts lagging. That means, slow load times, takes 5 seconds to open chrome or any program, and when I check task manager the WMI Provider Host is jumping between 8% up to 50% (that way my CPU is reaching even 99-100%). Reinstalled windows when it first started couple times, didn't work. I tried restarting the service but it only fixed the issue for a couple week. Now that doesn't work. I tried all kind of troubleshoot on the internet, checked for Process ID in event viewer to see which app is causing the issue, but it's really just random apps, and sometimes I can't even find the number.

    Yesterday I contacted Microsoft support, they told me to do a clean boot (turn off every application that starts after boot) and let only microsoft apps run therefore we can make sure it's not a Windows problem. I did, there was no lag, no high cpu usage. Then I tried turning back every application, in batches (like 4-5 at a time) and did a couple restarts, after doing this, PC was running normally again. I was really hoping that one time after turning some apps on, the high CPU usage will be there, so I can narrow down the list and find the one that's causing the issue. 

    Well, nope, PC was running smoothly....for like 2 hours. Then LITERALLY out of nowhere, it came back. I was checking the task manager and it was normal, then the other second the WMI Provider Host popped up with like 7-8% usage, and over time it was more and more, reaching even the worst 50%. It was like that until today, when I wanted to do a restart without a couple apps to see if that's the issue, SUDDENLY when checking the task manager, WMI Provider was gone. 

    What is happening? I did not open, or close any app while this happening, this is what really annoys me. It is like a ghost. I really wanna get rid of this, I just wish I knew what to do. I would seriously buy a new cpu, ssd, anything that would 100% fix this problem.

    I beg you guys to help me cause I can't find any solution for this as it's so freakin random. 


    -dual monitor (1440p and 1080p)

    -i7 8700k , overclocked to 4.7ghz from motherboard (preset oc)

    -strix z370-f

    -aorus 1080

    -16gb ddr4 3200mhz

    -kraken x62

    -250gb ssd (windows and softwares)

    -2tb hdd (movies and games)

    -nzxt hue+

    -nzxt rgb fans

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