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    Hi folks, I have a question on the OCS2007 / LCS2005SP1 latency requirements.

    There might not be much latency limitation between the OCS server (or load balancer) and the MOC clients if it is just IM. I.E., users can be in the US, and Japan while server is in Europe.


    However things may get different if there is a telephony integration through a mediation server in which scenario users use MOC to control the phone on the desk to do click-to-dial…etc function (Remote Call Control). In this scenario, is there a distance limitation (network latency limitation) between the OCS server and the mediation server (such as GETS)? So that the RCC realtime behavior is still acceptable? 


    Another question is on the OCS Federation. I heard that Federation can be done now between OCS and Cisco's Presence server, so that presence information can be exchanged between them. What is the official supported versions to do such cross vendor Federation? In such Federation, besides the IM presence status, will the phone status (that controlled separately in separate PBX systems by OCS and Cisco Presence server respectively) be exchanged as well?


    Many thanks! 


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    Friday, November 21, 2008 12:10 AM

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