Genuine Advantage notification tool won't let me update Office 2003 RRS feed

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  • I've recently upgraded my computer and bought Vista Home Premium. Unfortunately, I allowed a microsoft tech support professional to remote into my computer to help me with some issues I was having. I watched in horror as he turned off and changed just about every security setting in Vista to fix my issue. While he did fix the issue, I no longer felt secure with the computer. He gave anybody and everybody rights to everything in Vista. I couldn't keep track of all the changes he made. So I format and reinstall Vista to get default settings back. After I install my software along with Office, I decide to try playing some games on the system. Well due to lack of decent Vista driver support for my 8800GTX, Soundblaster X-FI card, and 680i motherboard, my Vista gaming experience was poor. I reformatted again and decided to dual boot both XP Pro and Vista on my new computer until Vista is tried and tested with my hardware. So, I'm installing my usual software suite to include Office 2003 on to XP Partition and acknowledge all updates when the Genuine advantage tool tells me I can't update my Office XP because Microsoft has rejected my key! I use my computer primarily for gaming, and I often do a hardware update and a new install of the entire system to make sure performance is exceptional for me. What do I do about this? Thanks.


    Wednesday, March 14, 2007 5:00 AM


  • GhastlyTT

    I understand the inconvenience you are currently experiencing and would like to provide you with some self-help options we have made available for our customers to address the issue you are currently experiencing. Please follow the steps outlined below as it could either resolve your issue or, if need be, provide us with additional information to determine the cause of this issue.

    1. Ensure you log onto the computer experiencing the issue with “Administrator” rights.
    2. Next we would like to confirm that you are running the most current version of the Genuine Advantage control on your computer. In order to do this please follow the below link and choose the “Validate Office” option.


    If the above steps did not resolve your issue lets continue with the steps below.

    I would like to provide some of the self-help options we have made available for our customers to address these issues. If you could please follow the steps outlined below the diagnostics Web Site will attempt to resolve the validation errors you are experiencing with Office.

    Next follow the on-screen prompts to resolve the issue if any of the checks at the above site fail. You can do this by choosing the “Resolve Now” button if it appears. If, after attempting to resolve the issue as per the instructions on the above site fails, please refer to the link below and run the MGA Diagnostics tool:


    You will be prompted to either “Run” or “Save” the tool. Choose to “Run” the tool and follow the on-screen prompts. You will receive an “Internet Explorer-Security Warning” dialog box for the “Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool”, you must choose to “Run” this tool when prompted.

    Once you are presented with the Diagnostics tool choose “Continue” to run the diagnostic report. If the “RESOLVE” button is available after running the diagnostics, please click “RESOLVE” to allow the diagnostic tool to attempt a repair.

    If the issue still has not been resolved could you please provide us with the following information?

    1. After running the MGA Diagnostic tool, click on the “Windows” tab and then click on “Copy”.
    2. Please return to this post and “Paste” the results here for additional review.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007 5:54 PM