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    Where should I ask followed questions in forum?


    I have a project with OSK (On-Screen Keyboard) in table PC with Windows XP embedded. 

    I fixed Scripts in Group Policy Object Editor to call OSK application that is designed by my colleague.

    it can help that : 

         1. I can key in user name and password by private OSK when logon window showed.

         2. Instead of real keyboard, my tablet PC doesn't need a real keyboard. OSK can do anything as real keyboard.


    But, there is 3 questions need to ask


    I used the startup scripts to call OSK, (and logon scripts call OSK, too.)

    After the first time logon (key in user name and password), I can do logoff or restart or shutdown, they are right at all.

    After the first time logoff, I can still use OSK (that is processed by startup scripts) to do the second time logon (to key in user name and password).

    Until now, everything is fine as I expect.

    But! After the second time logon.

    It can’t logoff. It can’t restart. It can’t shutdown.

    So… what can I do? If I want to logoff and logon correctly, and my private OSK works as expected.



    To continue the question above.

    I can logoff, restart and shutdown after I close application (kill process), that application is filled in Startup Scripts in Group Policy Object Editor.


    Are there any methods can run “startup scripts” again? I mean not only called applications (the user is System) at Windows system boot up.

    If I don’t use startup scripts, can I use application when “logon message box”(key in user name and password) show out?

    I have tried to package my private application to “Windows Service”, but it’s not pop up in top. The application (I packaged to Windows Service) is used in background. the application can be used after logon. I do not only use OSK application at normal user desktop environment but also must need the application that can be used in “key in when logon”.


    Please help me to this, thanks.


    Thursday, April 28, 2011 7:00 AM


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