How can I write off an investment account in Money 2004 RRS feed

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  • Hi everybody,

    I'm kind of stumped with this question.

    I have several investment accounts that appear as assets, but each of them have failed.

    How do I write these "off"?

    many thanks


    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 12:39 PM

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  • If there is a balance, write them down to 0.

    Then, in the account settings, mark the accounts as closed. The history will be preserved and you can reopen them if, later, you want to look at any transactions. 

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:17 PM
  • Basic Money Glossary (prototype)


    A collective place to place transactions, investments, cash, and
    debt.  An investment account would normally hold stocks, bonds,
    and/or mutual funds.  There are also bank, credit, and asset
    accounts.  Money Help item "account" gives a description.


    The Money help item "category" says "A way to sort your income and
    expenses into meaningful groups so you can see income and spending
    patterns in Money reports." That seems like a good description.

    Favorite Account

    An attribute of an account to give it easier access. See help item

    Financial Institution (FI)

    A company such as a bank, credit card company, loan company, credit
    union, which takes funds from the public and deals with
    financial assets.


    A security such as stock, bond, or mutual fund.  See Help item
    "investment".  Investment Buys and Sells are entered into an
    investment (type) account, but an account is not an investment.
    Normally when your broker assigns different account numbers, each
    account number would correspond to an account.  Each account can
    contain many different types of investments.

    Money File

    The file that normally has the extension .mny.  It contains the
    data for money as well as most of the settings.  It can be moved,
    deleted, or copied by normal operating system means.  See Help item

    The Money file can be backed up to a Money backup file with a .mbf
    extension.  Give careful thought to your backup policy.

    Watch Account

    An account that is not real, but is for the purpose of watching
    securities that you may not actually own. See help item "watch".

    Money Market Fund

    An investment held in an investment account that is a special kind
    of mutual fund: the share price is fixed at $1 usually, and Money
    does not put the sell transactions into the schedule D (capital
    gains) information.  Called "money market" in Money. Sometimes
    referred to as MM or MMF.

    Bank Money Market

    A checking account from a bank that usually has some extra
    restrictions and higher interest.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:55 PM