My WHS connection used to be much faster RRS feed

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     First installation was on AMD dual core machine with Gigabyte mother board that runs fast and I was very pleased with the performance after I upgraded my home network to 1Gb. I used to get about 50-70 Mbytes/Sec transfer rate for writing to the server and around half of that for reading. Few months ago, I moved my server hard drive to a different machine (basically replaced the mother board only and done WHS reinstall). Then, I decided to go back to the original machine. During the installation I removed all of my data drives to be sure I don't erase my data. Off course I made a mistake by not doing re-install, but I did a new complete installation of the server and then I added my data drives back in one at a time, and did manual copy all of data files over. Things worked OK, but the new installation is much slower, transfer rate is much slower than my first one. Now I get about 5- 30Mbyte/Sec for writing to WHS and less than 3 Mbytes/Sec for reading from WHS. In addition, browsing the server folders is taking long time (1-2 minutes to show up on my client computer, with windows 7). Can someone help me figure the problem out?

    Monday, September 6, 2010 7:44 AM