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  • Hi all,
    as I remember, I have got nice and exhausting set of responses and correspondance on "Thread type discussion" here. I was, not far ago, in great suspect, that one member is in kind of isolation over Visual Basic Language forum.

    Also for me is very problematic to function in actual system, when we just jump through Q's and know ourselves from them. It is just like your world consisted only from separated frames - there is no place to be together, and from which to visit Q's. I hope this is friendly to your imagination: I am just talking about difficulty to live socially, when you must only jump from planklet to planklet, and every single of them is sinking immediatelly. I would like also point out psychological relevance of this estate: it simply "behaves" as kind of isolation, taken from individual aspect.

    As I registered this suspection on isolation, I created thread "Offering a blog" to this member, but It is just a bit nonconform solution. We then concluded, that it is not solution at all, but probably some sticky "non-themasized" thread could be good way.

    At developerfusion there is for example standalone forum "Humour", where we can enjoy anything. So also this could be solution. But I would rather, regarding proposiotions of my friends in VBL forum, propose these "community stickies" - one for each forum.

    We could talk there about life, us, threads...making jokes and everything needed to make complete online community.

    If I might return to psychology of community: you simply make large knowledge of your environment from just only going through Q&A's, but as your knowledge grows, you simply start to feel your options to talk not sufficient. Your concepts on community evolved are large, but some patterns which are required to deepen, cannot be deepen. This is like I borowed you three books on Visual Basic, and after you got impressed with it and enthusiastic about it, I would told you, there is no book more on subject. You could easily get psychically or socially ill in similar situations. But don't take this analyse as some "DO IT" pressure. It is a bit zoomed in order my reasons to be visible.

    I appreciate any remark on my text above, because I am not born english speaker, and every language or sense related remark can be very useful to me and consequently future reader and idea contributor.

    I am looking forward to debate it with you and curious to see you debating it
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  • @John> Thanks for great support :) I have already reacted in our "VB6" sticky. Just hope for some feedback here with me ;)
    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 8:54 PM
  • Also, to append my speech here, it is remarkable, that for example my signature, which lead many members to confusion could not be explained in some rather personal way. Simply, there is lot of things rising from being community, which is simple "Q/A" system not able to solve: it is not good way to solve our personal problems and probable conflicts just cannibalising' some thread for it. I could not ask Arjun, how he feels, or if he has some problems, just in some Q where we met. Simply, it is not only offtopic. Accidentally this is possible, but it is passed by, for its strange feeling, to start personal dialoque in some "accidental" thread. I think we all have lots to say each other, and it is necessary to give this need some place.

    Posting you abusive right now, and all of your posts!
    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 9:09 PM
  •  @All> see this discussion evolved under my "offering a blog", where "need for community room" rised for many members
    Posting you abusive right now, and all of your posts!
    Monday, December 15, 2008 8:02 PM