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  • Hi,

    I have a setup where I try to backup data with Synctoy 2.0 from my laptop (XP Home, FAT32) to an external USB2.0 (FAT32) drive connected to a Mac Powerbook laptop with Samba configuration for the ext USB drive (i.e. I connect to the USB network drive from my XP laptop). I have a wlan 802.11g connection (Airport Xpress).

    When I do a normal drag and drop copy from the client WinXP laptop to the Mac's external USB drive (or other way around), I get quite good speed for the transfer, 500kB/sec (stable). But when I use the Synctoy (or e.g. Dirsync Pro) to contribute from the XP laptop to the mac ext USB the speed drops effectively close to 0-2 kB/sec. Network traffic seems to happen in short, less than a second long bursts with max 60kB/sec. Between these bursts there seems to be network inactivity for at least few seconds.

    Also the Synctoy freezes any open explorer windows on the client laptop. I get no error messages in Samba service on the Mac or Synctoy XP client or Windows. The system resources are also not very heavily utilized during the sync process. The Synctoy doesn't crash or stall completely but of course with close to zero kB/sec speed it is unusable. The interesting part is that I have another XP Pro laptop that works nicely with the same Mac ext USB + wlan setup + Synctoy 2.0.

    I've already tried disabling firewalls, disabling antivirus software, ensuring that both XP laptops have similar network setting, used different users to connect to the USB network drive etc.

    The only major differences that I can think of between the two different Synctoy client laptops are:
    - WinXP Home Service Pack 3 (on the slow Synctoy laptop) compared to the second laptop's WinXP Pro Service Pack 2
    - Problem laptop has a FAT32 drive compared to the other laptop's NTFS drive

    Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this problem? Help is appreciated!
    Monday, September 7, 2009 3:04 PM

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  • Synctoy initial sync run is slow than common copy, as it need to initial bunch of structure data for syncing and calculating changes.
    But for later modify changes, when you run sync it will be much better. This tool is target to sync modify, update, delete etc.
    If you have large size/number files at initial run, you can manually copy them to each folder then run synctoy, it will be ok too.
    Furthermore, I sugget you use NTFS drive format, as there is a known issue for FAT32, it might cause some issues for the synchronize.

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    Friday, September 11, 2009 3:03 AM