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  • I'm new to Win 8. Have two new systems running Win 8.1 on my network with three Win 7 machines, and a HP Media Smart Home Server running WHS (At least 6 years old- don't know what version. I went to the console and tried to find it but could not.) 

    I have Mapped Network Drives for Documents, Videos, Photos, and Music on the Server. I can access them no problem from the Win 7 machines, and could do the same from my Win 8 machines until Saturday. There was a windows update, and now I get the error "Could not reconnect to some Network Drives" at start up, and I am unable to manually open any of the Server's folders. When I click on the Server in the network, or any of the mapped drives, I get a "Windows Security" pop up asking for "Network credentials" I type in the password and nothing happens. I try to use a different account {I have 5 users and a guest login on the server) with the same results. I even tried installing the WHS software I have (which has a 64-bit version) and it gets to the point where you have to log in to the server using the user name and password, and it won't take it. YES- the password and user name are correct and case sensitive is right... 

    I was able to open a browser window, and type the IP address of the server and log in that way, but the server thinks I'm on the internet, and I can't access any files without a download.

    I tried using Credentials Manager with no luck. I enable .Net services in Windows features. I've browsed several other topics and haven't found a solution. I even tried turning off my firewall and virus software without any luck. I looked at my ruter settings, but didn't see anything obvious.

    Since all my other machines act as they always have, it seems to be a problem with Windows 8.1 since the upgrade. I tried to restore one system back to before the upgrade, but no change.

    Please HELP! Thanks!

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  • Is this Original WHS or WHS 2011?
    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 3:20 AM
  • If it's 6 years old, then it's WHS1!

    Is this a new problem since upgrading to W8.1 or was W8.1 working before the update on Saturday?

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    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 3:32 AM