How to make a Sample application for enforcing maximum number of audio/video calls RRS feed

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  • I want's to develop and test a managed [C#] application for office communcation server

    psudo code is

    // Sample application logic to enforce maximum number of audio/video calls

    // between two zones as defined in the Zone Configuration Table (ZCT)



    Managed Application (MA) registers with OCS 2007 SE via server application API

    MA reads a text file of ZCT at the startup time

    MA filters INVITE and BYE messages for further processing

    Active Calls Count = 0


    If received message is an INVITE

    Look inside SDP

    If SDP is for an audio or video call

    Save Message Sequence Number

    If _caller belongs to _sender_zone OR _callee belongs to _destination_zone AND Active Calls Count > MAX_CALLS_ALLOWED

          Instruct OCS to deny the call // OCS Server API explains how to do this

          Print “MAX CALL LIMIT EXCEEDED” in a text file

          Send an IM to the Caller with the message

                “Your call could not be completed, inadequate resources”


    Increment Active Calls Count


    If received message is a BYE

    If Message Sequence Number is known

    Decrement Active Calls Count

    Friday, November 7, 2008 12:32 PM