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  • Alright, I currently have WHS RC1 running on a computer of mine with an 80gb single HDD (where os is installed) and I have two 160gb sata hdds in Raid 0 for my backups and also my streaming music. I disconnected my raid hdds so that WHS would not format the drives which is the first thing that sucks about this OS.  Secondly, when I get to the OS, add my disk(s) back in as a single drive I then have a "my music" folder which I would like to share my stuff to my 360 instead of the "MUSIC" folder that WHS sets up. I have spent several hours poking around in registery and what not trying to find a place to change this "default share".  Well in the previous version I just found the media connect folder and fired up the application and added "my music" to the shares list and it worked fine to my 360 and anything else I wanted to share it to. Now with RC1 this application doesn't have any icons, text, or working buttons.  I can't blelieve that Microsoft has to dummy down a product and ruin it for the people who wish to tweak the system to run the way they want.  The only reason I installed this was the fact that my load of WS2k3 Enterprise didn't support media sharing at all and now WHS supports sharing only if you want to reformat your data backups.... I mean cmon why don't you add a way to simply add folders no matter where they are to the sharing folders or redirect them without having to FORMAT your drive.  Microsoft is really gonna mess this software up if this issue alone is not fixed. 


    Don't get me wrong having a backup place to put stuff thats easy is cool and all because working for the Geek Squad I see people with lost data all the time, but gimping it for the people who want to use it for both backups and media sharing just sucks. I guess the point is, if a person wishing to purchase WHS already has a backup solution like an older computer with backups on there, they shouldn't have to think about where they are going to temporarily move their 'backups' so that they can install WHS and then move it back over. Just dumb!!


    I have searched this forum far and wide for simple articles on how to go around this, the most interesting is the WMP 11 ninja load which I haven't tried yet, but will.  I guess my main rant is..... Either put WMP 11 on Server 2003 as an optional upgrade so that the few of us running that OS can stream media or quit gimping WHS 2003 by taking out direct access to Media Connect and making us have to back up our back ups simply to move a share pointer to the correct folder.


    If anyone finds this article offensive or BS I am sorry. I just feel like I have done enough searching and enough looking on the OS(s) to justify this rant. If anyone has ways of either fixing the pointers in WHS to point to a different folder or how to add a HDD to the WHS console without formmating it please email me at pattont@gmail.com it would be much appreciated.  Thanks for your time in reading this!!



    Wednesday, August 8, 2007 6:12 AM

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  • While I can understand your frustration, you should be aware that Microsoft doesn't intend for people to be using the system management tools or configuration tools supplied with Windows Server 2003, Media Connect, etc. The intended interface with WHS is the WHS Console. Other tools are preconfigured by the server installation process to let them work properly in the WHS environment.

    As for formatting a drive to add it to the storage pool, your complaint is a common one here, among new users of WHS. WHS is intended to be easy to use and expand for technically unsophisticated people, and (again) the WHS Console is the interface. Configuring an additional share through the OS is something that isn't obvious to that audience, much less configure security for that share. And drives in the pool have to be formatted when added so that Drive Extender will know it's safe to use the drive as it sees fit.

    In general, Microsoft seems to have taken the approach of solving problems for the primary target audience first, and adding/permitting access to other inbuilt tools for enthusiasts only where it's A) not likely to break the user experience for the technically unsophisticated user, or B) a core piece of OS functionality that can't be removed (in which case it may be hidden). Specifically regarding Media Connect, it's possible that using it breaks some other piece of WHS, so the team "gimped" the configuration interface. I don't know.
    Wednesday, August 8, 2007 11:55 AM
  •  pattont wrote:

    ....... I then have a "my music" folder which I would like to share my stuff to my 360 instead of the "MUSIC" folder that WHS sets up. I have spent several hours poking around in registery and what not trying to find a place to change this "default share"

    I really don't understand your problem. If you RDP into your WHS and then go to computer management you can share any folder you like. If you want DE to properly manage your new share you will need some reg changes to make DE aware of this folder and handle it appropriately if it's not created on a disk that was already part of WHS disk set. Also for duplication you will need to make a few cahnges / additions (search the reg for one of the default share names in combination with driveextender / de).


    If you want to change the pointer to the WHS default shares I think you have to get into regedit, go to hkey_local_machine, software, system, current controlset, services, lanmanserver, shares and edit the approprioate key. Not sure though, I can't get to my WHS to test it right now. EDIT: Will check tonight if it works.


    - I'm not personally offended by your comments, however if you don't know how to solve your problem please ask the question before you start bashing. As a "geek" you should know better.

    - Even though I'm not using it for this purpose I fully agree with you that WHS being a "home" product should have easy and full featured media sharing (so without the getting into computer management or regedit)

    Friday, August 10, 2007 4:23 AM

    Sorry it took me so long to respond I actually forgot about this post because I have been slaved at the Blue Box for awhile now.. According to your post you said all i needed to do was share my folder.  That doesn't allow me to connect my Xbox 360 to share my music through seeing as its just a media center extender and needs the microsoft connect or media center to share from..  I will try the pointer thing when I get back home in a few hours and it sounds pretty promising.  As for the bashing... I have read many posts asking these exact questions and I wouldn't just post something without looking first. I have asked before and several of my other friends have asked on here about the media sharing and other things.  I know you don't take it personal, but I felt like some of this stuff needed to be said for the people who want to do a more custom server and not feel like they can't.....




    Thursday, August 16, 2007 5:25 PM
  • The OEM's like HP, and others, will probably be including software with thier harware bundles to do what you want. Microsoft is not, not with this release anyway. MS does provide all the tools and training, most of it free, to develop your own solutions. Check out MSDN, the System Builders/OEM websites and other MS websites and learn how to develop your own code to do whatever you want.


    Thursday, August 16, 2007 7:27 PM
  • Unless you have a particular fondness for naming your folder My Music, it doesn't seem like it would be all that much of a problem to use the shared folders and the built-in media sharing.  The 360s in the house don't care what the folders being shared are named.  Would simply placing a folder called My Music in the default Music shared folder not be suitable?

    With regards to the issues of having to format drives for use in WHS, it seems like a reasonable decision, and the space issues you seem to be concerned with can easily be resolved by buying more hard drives.

    And also a word regarding your sharing personal information.  In your posts in this thread alone, there's enough content that one could easily determine your full name and place of employment.  As this forum is indexed by Google, you may wish to be a bit more circumspect with how you present yourself.
    Monday, August 20, 2007 10:11 PM