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  • Hello,

    I’m working to develop a multilingual user interface using Visual Studio 2010 and storing data in a SQL Server database.

    There are many forms and reports in the application that I’m working to develop the multilingual interface for. I’ve created a database table for each form which contains nvarchar data fields to store the label and combo box captions in that form in English as well as other languages. Here is a sample of one of those tables:

    LanguageKey 1 is English, 2 is French, etc.

    My goal is to create one generic form to modify the captions for all forms/reports in my application for a specific language. This form will display a list of the forms/reports in the application as a dropdown list, allow the user to select a language and then display the captions for the selected form as rows with the first column displayed in English and a second row in the language to be set.

    The end user will then select the appropriate keyboard (French, Russian, etc.) on their computer and then modify the second column captions as needed. When finished they will click a DONE button and the program will write the French captions to the forms’ table under the appropriate LanguageKey.

    The problem is, when I do this the value stored during the update shows as ?????? when I query the table’s values. I tried using VB.NET code like this to save the values but they still save as ????. Encoding.Unicode.GetString(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(yourStringVariable))

    Is there anyone out there that knows how to save these new language values to the database in a format that is usable? And if there is a way to save them, what is the best method for getting them out of the database and into the application's forms/reports?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.



    Saturday, March 2, 2019 3:04 PM


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