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    - Shared folders

         - Video

              - Make the interface stream the video rather than require you to download the entire move before it will play.

              - Integrate the uploading of videos from windows media player running on local network PCs. (include the ability to upload the codec as well).

         - Music

              - Make the interface stream the music directly from the server.

              - Allow for the creation of playlists.

         - Photos

              - Auto create thumbnail views of pictures.

              - Add ability to play slideshow.


    First impressions of Remote access are not good. It is nothing more than a glorified index of file that do not transfer nearly as reliably as an FTP.


    The remote desktop feature is brilliant! It is a wonderful tool that you just took from small business server and should be shipping as a windows component for ALL versions of server. I am very disappointed with the availability of this beautifully designed program in other Microsoft titles. The UPNP setup feature is nice, too bad it doesn't work with my linksys or the 18 bazillion other people who have linksys home routers. It auto discovered 1 of the 8 PCs running on my network (all have RDP enabled and firewall turned off). Maybe it just needs more time for discovery of the other PC's. 


    The first time I copied a video from a XP PC to home server it BSODed me and had to reboot. Granted it is running in a Virtual PC and I was copying the file from the host it still shouldn’t do that.



    Friday, June 15, 2007 3:12 AM