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  • I have hundreds of user personal folders shared out as subfolders on a cluster file share. I want to script deleting these but don't know the best way to go about it. If I just try to delete the folder, I get an access denied. Do these need to be unshared prior to deletion or will this break something?

    To clarify, these shares are on virtual servers that are clustered. The cluster file share is something like <s:\users> with the parameters set to share all subdirectories. The subdirectories are personal folders of users on the network. I need to delete several hundred of these on different clusters.

    When I try to delete the personal folder either by logging into the physical server and navigating to the folder path, or by navigating to the admin share path to the folder (logged in as an administrator) and try to delete these folders, I get an "access denied" dialog. I have also tried to delete via PowerShell using:

    Remove-Item <path to directory> -Recurse -Force 

    and get an error that it is currently in use. This is much like trying to delete a share on a non-clustered server in which the share has to be removed prior to deleting the folder.

    My question is, do I need to delete the share before attempting to delete the folder. I just want to be sure I won't break anything with the cluster if I do this (and know that it will work). I reiterate that the personal folders are NOT file shares in the Cluster Admin itself, but shared out via the parameters of the cluster share s:\users.


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