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  • Hello, i need to create the following script. But i dont have the capabilities to do so. Can someone help me out?


    1. Create a script based on the rules below that gives the correct results when executed.

    – "Add the sum of $ a and $ b equal to $ sum" »
    – "The difference between $ a and $ b equals $ difference" »subtract
    – "The product of $ a and $ b equals $ product" »multiply
    – "The quotient of $ a and $ b equals $ quotient" »share

    !! Make sure you declare the numbers correctly!
    !! Use the correct quotes

    2. Save the script and test it several times with various numbers to check if it works correctly and without errors.

    3. Make the extension based on the previous script that the user first asks for his name, and then asks (provided with the name!) Which numbers to use. When showing the results, you again show the name that the user has entered. Also check this script extensively!

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