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  • Hello everyone, Well my motherboard has been acting up. The integrated USB connections locks up my XP every other day. The integrated audio and network card no longer works, I now have a network and audio card, but, now I notice one of the pci slots inside the motherboard no longer works, I tried testing that the pci slot with the network card and it stop working too. My question is can I buy a new motherboard? the one I have now is no longer in stock, I tried many websites to find the same one, but with out any luck they all say "out of stock". Also, since my old motherboard came with a CPU, do I need another CPU? And, if I do will the new CPU affect the OEM license? I bought the Windows XP System Builder (OEM) CD at Fry's and build my computer 4 years ago. The parts I bought were kinda old, but didn't give me any problems until about one year or so. And, now I notice its getting out of hand, I keep getting blue screens and random locks up. And, I have 1 pci slot that is no longer working, plus my USB connections keep freezing my XP every other day. I have a feeling that any day now it will just give up on me. Thanks for any suggestions. So, if I can't find the motherboard for reasons of being out of stock and also it was made 6 years ago. Can I get a different motherboard and CPU, since my motherboard no longer works at full capacity? Do I need to call Microsoft for a new validation number?
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  • Hello quakesoft,

    As the systembuilder you are permitted to replace the motherboard (the critical component with respect to licensing) with a comparable/equivalent replacement item if it becomes defective without "creating a new computer" for licensing purposes.

    A "comparable/equivalent" motherboard would be one that uses the same class of processor and memory.

    If you're improving the motherboard "class" to the point where your existing processor will not work in it, then you have for Microsoft's licensing purporses created a new computer that will need a new license.

    The practical answer is to buy the motherboard and processor that you want, install Windows, and try to activate, either automatically online or by Telephone.  If it activates, don't give it another thought.  If it does not activate, try activating by telephone, but do not say or enter anything into the automated phone system.  This will shunt you to a live activation rep.  Explain that you built the system, that your motherboard died on your system, and you installed a replacement motherboard.  More often than not they will activate your installation.  BUT!  Save some money incase they don't, so you can buy a new license for Windows.

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