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  • Hey everyone,
    My company is currently in the process of expanding, and I've been tasked with getting a workable VoIP solution both at our new office in Indy, and our existing office in Virginia.

    Let me give you a rundown of what we've got currently.
    • Exchange 2007 - Virtualized in VMWare in Virginia
    • OCS 2007 (FE & Edge) - Virtualized in VMWare in Virginia
    • ISA 2006 for reverse proxy (Haven't been able to get this up and running yet so external users can't see address book info)
    • 4 phone lines from COX digital phone service
    What I'm looking for is to get our Indianapolis office up and running with 2 usable phone lines, and 6 desk phones.
    In our Virginia office, we will be having an additional line installed and the configuration will be as follows.
    2 phone lines for the Accountant who shares our offices, and 3 will be for our company.

    What we want to accomplish is the ability for our employees in both Virginia and Indianapolis to take their phone with them to a hotel or a client site and be able to have communication with other people on our staff.  The ability for people to call in to a consultant is not required as these are consultants who have cell phones for that purpose.  We'll be assigning extensions to each phone and a receptionist will take the incoming calls for the consultants and then forward them to their mailbox.

    What I need help with is the infrastructure part. 
    • What do I need to buy in order for me to replace this old phone system in our Virginia office with the new system we will be purchasing? 
    • What is a good phone compatible with OCS2007 that has a dialpad on it for our consultants?
    • Do I need to purchase anything other than phones for our Indianapolis office to get them local indy numbers?
    As of right now, cost is not an object.
    I've heard good things about the Dialogic systems, and the 8 port sounds like it would be a great fit for us in virginia, but being new to Telephony, I'm kind of at a loss as to where I need to be starting, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,
    Thursday, April 17, 2008 1:42 PM

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  • Hi Matt,

    Here are some ideas:


    1) I would suggest not using virtualization for any OCS roles if you are going to be integrating telephony. Virtualization and voice don't go well together. on VMs I have had problems with poor voice quality when handling even 1 or 2 phone calls at a time.

    2) I would also suggest not virtualizing the Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging role - you will see voice quality problems here as well

    3) If you are only looking for people to use OCS to call each other and not make/receive outside calls, you don't need to integrate to a gateway (like dialogic). People can call each other peer-to-peer from the IM client.

    4) if you do want to integrate to your 4 lines from COX, you can use an audiocodes, dialogic, quintum (NET) or one of a few other gateways listed here. I've heard good things about each of the vendors and for a smaller deployment like this, I don't think you'll go wrong with any of them

    5) If you want local indy numbers, you'll need to get local phone lines in Indy and connect them to a voice gateway (see step 4 above),

    6) if you want local virginia numbers, you'll need to connect your local VA lines to a voice gateway in VA

    7) You will need install an OCS Mediation Server in each location and configure it to talk to the voice gateway local to it. In your case, that means 2 Mediation Servers. (note: some vendors sell gateways with the mediation server built in

    8) you need to configure each user in OCS to use "Enterprise Voice"

    9) you can use a usb headset/mic and connect it to user's laptops; this is the cheapest/easiest way to use the MOC client as a phone

    10) you could buy a phone that is supported by OCS. I've reviewed a couple on my blog. Either model is portable and could be taken to hotels etc, but due to the way many hotels provision network connectivity, I would suggest the Polycom CX200 over the CX700 for your mobile users. The CX700 makes a good desk phone.


    In general, I would suggest taking a look at the OCS voice deployment doc and probably the communicator phone edition doc for more detailed information.


    Hope this helps!




    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 9:25 PM