Routing - static routes and their effect upon timers, convergence and updates RRS feed

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    I have come across a rather vague question relating to routing and cannot determine the right answer.

    In a scenario where there are multiple routers connected with only static routes assigned; which of the following would be true?

    1 - The convergence time is reduced as the update timers are customisable

    Thoughts - I know that RIP has the update, age, garbage and hold-down timers and that OSPF uses LSAs to update, but only when there are changes to the network. So, convergence time would be unaffected with only static routes? Also when entering static routes it is not required that the timers are specified?

    2 - Link state traffic will increase as all routers will constantly send updates

    Thoughts - as LSAs are only sent with network changes, static routes would be unaffected and would require a network administrator to manually make config changes.  As there are only static routes there would not be constant updates.

    3 - If a path is down or unreachable, the routers will not update their routing tables and not pass the information on

    Thoughts - this seemed plausible as the static routes would remain even if a link was down. 

    4 - Convergence takes longer due to update timers

    Thoughts - again like 1, I am not aware that the update times need to be manually entered for any routing protocols when setting static routes. So convergence will be longer for RIP than OSPF just based upon the nature of convergence for each.

    Your comments and assistance are appreciated.

    Wednesday, January 15, 2020 10:26 AM