Looking for good documentation on deploying Customer Portal for CRM 2011 RRS feed

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  • Hey All - I know there are docs included with the solution but what I find is that they fall short when it comes to the exact steps to deploy the actually portal website on an IIS instance. I’m no developer but I made this work when customer portal first came out in the crm 4.0 days. I look at the docs included and the process is either just wrong or outdated. The screenshots don’t match up with what I see in my live.azure account. There is no domain verify or anything like that. I also cant down load a text file with the application id or secret I just see it and I have to copy past it. But again that doesn’t match up? Also it’s not clear on whether one needs to create an application specifically for the portal or whether you can use the defaultapppool. In addition I chased my tail for a bit when I finally figured out which folder to make the root of the web site, there is a web.config file in the root of the folder but its empty! As you can see I’m a little lost so I’m really hoping there is a good doc out there.


    Sunday, August 21, 2011 5:50 PM