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    I am trying to use a Keyspan USB server over my wireless internet.  If I turn off Live OneCare's firewall, I can see the server and its attached devices over the wireless.  If I turn on the firewall I can't.  I have allowed the required UDP and TCP ports in the firewall.


    I am using a DLink 614+ wireless router.  I can access the USB server from my desktop, which is plugged in to the router.


    I could really use the versatility of this USB server if I could only get past the OneCare firewall.


    Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008 12:15 AM

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  • I tried to reply to your post yesterday, but the forum issues were insurmountable!


    Anyway, can you provide a little more information on your network configuration? You mention that it works from the desktop via a wired connection. Is that PC running OneCare? Did it work with now configuration of the OneCare firewall on your part? Since you report the problem as being wireless, does that mean that you also have one or more computers that are using wireless to connect to your network, but that these computers are unable to access the USB server unless the OneCare firewall is shut off? On those PCs, is the wireless network identified as Home or Work or does it show as Public? You may want to go to the advanced settings for the firewall on those PCs and enable file and printer sharing for Internet and subnet to see if that helps.

    What specific entries have you added to the ports and protocols list for the device in the firewall?

    Does the device also have a driver or application residing on each PC?

    There was another post about a USB server and the firewall some months back, but I was unable to locate it. If I manage to stumble across it, I see if that person managed to resolve their problem, which I seem to recall was similar, but may have been that all access was blocked - I don't remember if it was wired, wireless, or both.


    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 12:42 PM