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  • Hello, I have a js function that loops through and resolves selected cases.  I'm trying to allocate 3 seconds for each case to resolve before attempting to resolve the next case.  Here's the function I'm using:

    function ResolveCases(statusCode)
        var caseIds = SelectedControlSelectedItemIds;
        alert('About to Resolve/Close ' + caseIds.length + ' case(s)');
        for(var i=0; i<caseIds.length; i++) 
             var isLast = (i === (caseIds.length - 1));
             setTimeout(function() {
                   ResolveCase(statusCode, caseIds[i], isLast);
             }, (3000 * i));

    I'm new to using anonymous functions in this way in js.  I tested the code above with 2 cases in js debug mode.  However, when the debugger statement gets hit above, the "i" incrementer = 2. This results in an "undefined" caseId being sent to the ResolveCase function because there are only 2 cases in the list, so caseIds[2] is out of range.

    This seems like a weird error. It seems to be straightforward that the "i" incrementer in setTimeout function should be iterated in a normal way.  Is there something about the nature of using anonymous functions in for loops that I don't understand?
    Wednesday, February 26, 2014 5:54 PM