Why are answers allowed - indeed now encouraged - in the Off-Topic posts forum ? RRS feed

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  • The Off-Topics Posts forum now has this description on the page for this set of forums.

    Off-Topic Posts (Do Not Post Here) (Only Moderators or Answerers may post to this forum.)

    What I'd like to see is an improved version. 

    What's an answerer ? You've just said No Posts here but then you say people can answer posts ? This seems crazy. 

    The reason I move posts here is to get rid of them in a way that the posts are available so that the original poster can copy the text of his/her original post and then post his/her question to the correct forum. NOT so that questions can be answered in the Off-Topics forum. Allowing this will NOT encourage people to post questions to the correct forum which surely is what we hope to achieve by telling people their posts are Off-Topic.

    P.S. This (answering of posts) is today the only thing that can be done in this forum as no-one it seems has any longer the possibility of sending off-topic posts to it. (No new messages for almost a full day - this specific forum not listed when a Moderate tries to move a thread)
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  • That Answerer thing really bugs me to. It's the same for Announcements.

    EDIT: You know, you don't need to supply a reason for editing anymore.

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  • I just checked, and there is now a lock on that forum - so answerers that aren't moderators couldn't post there anyway (supposedly), I certainly can't.

    The word "Answerer" needs to be removed (as it's not true).

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    Saturday, September 13, 2008 6:02 PM
  • Here's a update to this.

    The situation at the moment is that while (normal) Moderators can no longer move posts to this Off-Topics forum, MS support people seem to have an all-out effort to move old questions there (I'm unsure about this - it might be that there all-out effort is to reply to questions that were already in the Off-Topics forum, you can't  tell) and to spend considerable time in writing text that suggests where the question should be posted.

    As we know they are paid for their time and can "afford" to spend their time researching the correct place to post and then writing this information. Non-Microsoft Moderators don't have such time available to them (and anyway at the moment can't move posts to Off-Topic posts at all!).


    There is a whole page of these (and as far as I can see they are all ones which the Microsoft support person has moved NOW (proving that those guys can still move posts to Off-Topic even if none of the rest of us Moderators can)).

    There were at the beginning of this process by the MS support guys a few posts where the threads were just moved. That posting a reply with a reason before moving the post (the majority of those) is a good idea was shown by the OP who having had his post moved to Off-Topic posts (with no reply in addtion to the Move) because it was completely off-topic, then posted a reply to himself saying "So, nobody knows?"     :)

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