Any workaround to SSRS custom code not running by sandboxing of hosted CRM 2013? RRS feed

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  • Our company had hosted CRM 2013 upgrade by CRM guys from CRM 2011 recently. 

    Among some other issues, the upgrade seems to affect one report that worked fine in CRM 2011. The affected report has a custom code function to check the number of lines of a multiline text input field. Inside the report, some tablix fields are dependent on the custom code function to display information. In CRM2013 those tablix fields are no longer outputting information and they are just silently bypassed. After I had search on internet, I found CRM 2013 may use SSRS sandboxing to restrict the code element in the report, which seems to be the cause. To overcome the limitation, I attempted to use Split function in field’s formula to calculate how many lines the multiline text field has on the fly each time when the custom code function was called previously. However my approach is still not working. Can someone that knows where the problem lies kindly to share the answer with me? Basically I made change on lines similar as below in an attempt to solve the issue but failed.

    Previously working on CRM 2011 but not on CRM 2013:

    IIF(Code.CustomFunction(First(Fields!new_paymentterms.Value, "Invoice"))>1,"Text Output","")

    Current modification but still not working on CRM 2013:

    =IIF(Split(First(Fields!new_paymentterms.Value, "Invoice"), vbCrLf).Length>1,"Text Output","")

    Many Thanks!

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