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  • Please if someone who can do anything about this reads my post try and do something because im a life gamer played mainly console games ever since i have had the mental capability to enjoy them about six years of age and a working xbox 360 is a great thing, on to my complaint i take the best care of my games and consoles more than anyone i know, I have had my ps2 bought second hand almost 10 years ago and it still works i even have a N64 and SegaMD bought god knows when and they still work i have had a ps3 for over a year and have had no problems to speak of with it. But both my xbox and xbox 360 have stopped working, My xbox only plays cd's and my xbox360 wont play anything from dvd's cd's and most importantly games its not the red ring problem, the 360 just wont read disks it shows open tray no matter what game disk is in the xbox 360, i dont want to buy another 360 without the knowledge that this problem wont happen again and again because some of my friends have bought new 360's which with time all developed similar or ther same problem. ps the problem occured on my xbox 360 after 4 years of gaming and very good care of my 360 other friends have had the problem occur much sooner i don't want to completly convert to ps3 but thats what alot of gamers have started doing because of similar problems i know microsoft doesn't want my advice but if you dont fix this problem more and more gamers are going to stick to ps3's.

    Monday, March 21, 2011 5:22 PM

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