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  •  I thought I was computer savvy and told a friend at work that has an issue with her internet that I could fix it. I am having more trouble than I thought. She told me it was a Windows 7 and it is a Dell Windows XP Professional service pack 3. I am not very familiar with them. 

    She told me that she had uninstalled some programs she felt were slowing her computer down and now her wireless is not working the light is not on, the switch is on but when I go into network adapters all there is, is a 1394 Net Adapter and a Broadcom NetXtreme and it acts like it needs a cable plugged in to get online when she has never had to use a cable before. I can not find anywhere where there is wireless settings or anything.

    Someone please help, this lady is super nice and I would hate to let her down. I have the computer here with me now and if anyone could help I would appreciate is so much

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  • Hi,

    It sounds like the drivers for the wireless card are missing. Your best bet is to visit the Dell support site, enter the service tag of the laptop (usually on a sticker) and click the 'Get Details' button. Hopefully that will narrow down the available drivers and tell you what you need to download. If it doesn't, look through the available wireless network adapter downloads and see if you can find which one you need. Here's a direct link to the support site:


    EDIT: If all else fails, try plugging the laptop into the router with an Ethernet cable and visiting the Dell site from it. The site may be able to detect which drivers are missing and will highlight them for you.

    You're actually asking this question in the wrong forum though, this forum is meant for feedback on the TechNet website/subscriptions and is rarely viewed. If the Dell site doesn't fix the issue, you'll get quicker help by posting in the Windows XP forum here:


    Or in the Dell forums here:


    Good luck, hope it works out.

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  • Thanks for the response! I did exactly that, got the latest version, put it on a jump drive and downloaded it to the Dell and everything, but the wifi still isn't working and the wifi light still isn't lit. So it still won't connect to the internet.
    Friday, January 24, 2014 2:22 AM
  • KalaJade88,

    Have you had any further luck with this? I have discovered this morning that my wife's laptop as a very similar problem to the one describe. She used the laptop yesterday (on wireless) and on closing down the machine there appears to have been a windows defender update (KB915597) (Definition 1.165.2532.0) that was successfully installed and "cannot be removed", and on booting this morning the wireless devices have disappeared. I am about to try an old style cable connect to the modem to get around this, but I would be interested to know if the same update was on your friends pc?



    Saturday, January 25, 2014 12:11 PM
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