Windows 7 and WHS - possible hyrbid option for Libraries - store/access on local HDD but sync to common network file? RRS feed

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  • I find the libraries folder on Windows 7 to be a great idea - the documents library now giving a single view of multiple documents folders, including those on other computers using a home group.

    Of course the achilles heel of this approach is that unless all client PCs are on all the time, the documents library will not have access to the documents folders on other computers.

    This of course is where a product like WHS comes in, and perhaps WHS2 will integrate these features.

    What a great opportunity I thought, to finally have the same personal folder files, available on all client PCs, or all personal folders stored if you will in a common "cloud" to use the trendy term :-). On my netbook, I made the network folder available "offline" for portable use. I did the same with desktop folders, music folders, and others. In all libraries I set the common network folder as the default save location.

    Of course, there are 2 problems with the approach in the paragraph above.
    1) No record locking to prevent file conflicts if netbook is offline.
    2) Most painful, was that despite having gigabit ethernet, and drives in WHS capable of 50MB/s to 105MB/s sustained throughput, I found performance linked to network folder to be painfully sluggish for common operations. For example if I saved a large compressed file to a network folder (say \\server\Dave\desktop) it would take much longer to extract, than if the same file was stored on a local hard drive. (I created a l library of desktop, and used the same networked desktop folder as the default on all client pcs)
    3) I tried using the "always available offline" sync function, but the computer still uses the slower network folder, unless the network is offline.

    My ideal would be something like this:

    -Personal folder files are stored on local hard drives, (such as C:\Users\Dave\Documents) and are mirrored on a common server Drive mapped to \\server\Dave\Documents.
    -Files would be opened from the local drive to improve performance
    -When opening a file on the local drive, the mirrored file on the network, and mirror files on the local drives of other PCs would also be locked
    -make available offline could be used so the files are always available on portable computers
    -of course if the client PC is offline when attempting to open a file, it is not possible to check for a lock on the network drive.  this could cause conflicts, but perhaps a warning to the user would suffice, together with automatic syncrhosation of changed local files to the network, the moment the PC is once again online

    Is it possible to so something like the paragraph above - to have the benefit of faster access via the local hard drive, but syncrhonising a common file set among all connected computers, on a common network mirror folder?
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