(SOLVED) Peripheral Photography, overrotation around Z-axis affects the composite picture RRS feed

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  • Dear Sirs,

    first and foremost, let me congratulate you on this outstanding piece of software!

    I have no right to complain because I'm using Microsoft ICE outside its natural scope of action.

    I'm trying to make a composite from "peripheral photography" frames - please excuse my poor English, I don't even know if this is the right term to describe photographing a rotating cylindrical object, and try to get a continuous strip of picture encompassing the whole surface of the subject. 

    Something like a rotating motion 360° panorama, but the camera is pointed towards the center (where the rotating object is) rather than towards the surrounding scenario.

    This stated, even with some thinking I couldn't have conceived a more challenging scenario, as long as...

    • the subject is fusiform, rather than cylindrical
    • it's covered in an intricate ornamentation that is made of randomly sized intermeshing triangles 

    So, I didn't expect that Microsoft ICE could actually do something - but it did! I was very happy to see that with default settings for a rotating motion panorama (Horizontal overlap 1%, search radius 100, 1 row, 10 columns) I obtained a more than reasonable result. In fact, starting from these pictures:

    peripheral frames that I tried to compose

    I got this composite - that is more than reasonable:

    I have the impression that, in the stitching phase, the pictures were over-rotated (probably to get advantage of a greater overlap in the lower part of each picture): if each single frame was kept more vertical, I think that the overlap in the upper part of the picture could have improved and the overall result could have been better.

    The bottom line is just a couple of questions:

    • can you consider to develop another scenario of camera motion, made just for us "peripheral photographers"?
    • is there some setting that may let me get an even better result than the picture above?

    Warm regards and all the best to everybody,

    Cesare Brizio

    Saturday, March 10, 2018 8:56 PM

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  • Dear all,

    tonight in my half-sleep I grasped my glaring error - I just needed a transparent background for my pictures, so thet ICE performs shape overlap along the entire image border.

    The result goes beyond my expectations. I can state it a factual basis: provided that each picture has a transparent background, ICE is ready for peripheral photography! Again congratulation for the quality and flexibility of the stitching algorhythm.

    My settings:

    Peripheral pictures taken in a clockwise rotation, 30° steps, in my case 10 pictures (Initial, than from +30° to +270°), numbered progressively.

    A a side note for this particular subject (shell): first frame is bordered by the lip's edge, so that the whole last whorl is unrolled from left (lip) to right (beginning of previous whorl).

    Background was cut out, image were saved in PNG format to preserve background transparency and image quality.

    • Step 1 Import: structured panorama, rotating motion, initial corner top left, 1 row, 10 columns, Horizontal overlap 9%, Search Radius 90%
    • Step 2 Stitch: Mercator projection, roll=pitch=yaw=0° 
    • Step 3 Crop: default settings, adjust crop lines
    • Step 4 Export: as desired.

    Thank you for your patience, I hope that my experiment proves interesting for somebody else.

    All the best,


    Satisfactory panorama from peripheral images

    Cesare Brizio

    Sunday, March 11, 2018 10:55 AM