Contacting Microsoft to transfer domain registered with Microsoft and about stolen account etc RRS feed

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  • Why are Microsoft so difficult to get hold of?  I tried to transfer a domain away from them which expires this May and was with Officelive. I searched hard and found somewhere to mail to query and got some female replyign with a bunch of personal remarks.  Do these women get unlimited chances to prove they know how to behave? I guess I want the answer not all kinds of remarks. I also tried calling the local UK telephone number and there was no person there who could understand a thing.  Its good they are hiring a large quantity of operators but how about some quality.Why dont you make goods and services notsuperhumanly difficult to obtain that way we can have equal opportunities

    I had an email account hotmail that was stolen from me -well it was left-brained-must-die@hotmail.co.uk and when  I would try to do a password reset it would take me in circles.  This is now happening to my other email acocunts that dont have any interesting nouns in the name so I am wondering if anyone had experience with this type of thing and can throw light on it.  i guess because of the name I got some agro/silent contempt from computer professionals. Does that mean they want me to die?  Why are they all going quiet? Why don't your millions of assholes stupid right brained numerically retarded badly behaved operators who enjoy total immunity no matter how poorly they behave also drop dead

    I have to take abuse and swallow it so why it I cant post anything other than 100% perfumed... Make our day to day lives easier not harder.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 7:21 PM


  • Hello mohinihersom,
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    As MSDN and TechNet Forums are for IT professionals to post technical questions such as development, testing, deployment, etc. I would suggest posting your question in one of the forums at Microsoft Answers, which helps people troubleshoot problems about Windows, IE, Office and other Microsoft products.
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    Thursday, March 15, 2012 3:17 AM