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    My laptop computer running Windows Vista will not let me configure much of anything. I believe this is because Windows Live One Care is locking me out. Please, how do I solve this problem?

    How the problem originated: I was at a remote location trying to connect to a new wireless access point. Because standard attempts failed, I resolved Windows Live One Care (including Firedog Advisor), was somehow preventing access to this new network; thus, I entered MSconfig, as well as system tools-- services, and began to systematically disable Live One Care elements. (as i could later simply enable these elements later, i concluded these actions were non-harmful to my troubleshooting method.)

    For some unknown reason, I am currently unable to access almost any troubleshooting tools-- when I click on the control panel, no links appear. I have preformed "system restore" yet this has not fixed this issue. I have enabled all the services in both Ms config and system tools-- services, yet have no change in my problem. I have executed "repair" from the BIOS prompt...still no change. I cannot uninstall Live One care because i cannot navigate to the add remove programs screen. And I am not able to achieve internet connectivity for assistance.

    I can only conclude that Live One Care thinks that I am a virus and has locked me out of executing any configuration changes. Perhaps I must change input within the registry, (if the OS will even let me in there).

    Please, How do I fix my problem?


    Thank you,


    Matt Rome


    Thursday, July 22, 2010 4:52 PM