Multiple email problems not acknowledged RRS feed

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  • In the past two weeks I have posted reports here of
    *three* different problems with email alerts. To date
    only one of these issues has been addressed. How long
    do I have to wait for *some* acknowledgment that my
    reports have at least been read?

    I have the impression that the support team has failed
    to see that there are *different* issues, and have fallen
    silent after stating that the fix to *one* of the issues
    has been prepared and will be in the first July update.

    The problems:

    (1) Automatic flagging of threads as "Alert enabled"
    doesn't work. The work-around is to open the thread
    and click on "Alert Me" to mark the thread for Alerts.
    This problem has been acknowledged, and a fix is scheduled.

    (2) For more than a week now, email alerts stopped coming
    altogether. Even threads which have been marked "Alert Me"
    as described in (1) above do not send email alerts. Older
    threads which were Alert-enabled long ago and which generated
    emails previously no longer send emails for new posts to
    those threads. I have not received *any* email alerts
    from *any* threads in any forums for more than a week.
    They just stopped coming altogether.

    (3) Attempts to reset my email address in my Settings do
    not appear to be successful, as the verification email
    which is supposed to be sent isn't arriving. Multiple
    requests to "Resend" have no effect - no confirmation
    emails are being received. This has been attempted
    numerous times with no success.

    Note that all of these issues began after the last forum
    software update, and the related "change to the way we
    handle emails". Prior to that change I had received
    literally thousands of email alerts over the past three

    When can I expect at least an indication that you have
    read this report, and recognize that there is more than
    one problem here?

    - Wayne
    Thursday, June 30, 2011 7:52 PM


  • I have read this report. I recognize there is more than one problem. The alerts notification service has some issues that we are working on. There are some referenced libraries that are way out of date we plan to update on the July 14th release that should help with this. We are also moving to a new recognition system which allows us to switch off the legacy points aggregation which often causes deadlocks with some of the DB queries the notification service calls. So we are certainly continually looking into resolving notification service stability issues. I'm looking into the current report now.
    Community Forums Program Manager
    Thursday, June 30, 2011 11:30 PM