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  • I have just upgraded to Windows 10 (was using Windows 7)...now My Microsoft Money 2005 Program will not open up after entering the password. You enter your password and enter and NOTHING. Please help. It is driving me crazy. I have searched through the forum but I cannot grasp some of the things to do.....I need a very simple STEP by STEP guide!! I need to sort this out as I have BAS's due and cannot be late or the ATO are going to fine me ARGHHHH!!!!!
    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 4:00 AM

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  • Oh dear a bit of a pickle. It has been established that MS Money works with Windows 10, if W10 has been patched to include latest updates. So that is the first thing you should check as a fresh upgrade may not include all the latest bits and pieces. If things are still not okay then the problem is specific to your machine. Perhaps you could try creating a 'new' MS Money file and see how that goes - it is possible that the programme is failing to locate your data file. Do feel free to post more questions here, but you should be very precise about what does, or does not, occur.

    Good luck!

    Dr AS

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:14 AM
  • Make an extra copy of your *.mny file and recent *.mbf files onto different media.

    Then try restoring your newest or second-newest backup file. One way to open a backup file is to close Money. Then open Money by right-clicking the backup file and choose Open. Money will ask if you should use the saved default filename. At this point, I would Browse to your Documents folder and choose a meaningful new name for the restored file.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 5:36 PM