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  • I have DL'ed the isos and I will be getting started testing this package in about a month when I rebuild and deploy my entire home network. I am pretty understanding of the general concept of WHS and it's intended uses however I do have a few questions.

    1) Does WHS effectively act as a domain controller for a home network or are user accounts still created and managed on a PC-by-PC basis? I am hoping that WHS stores account profiles so that any account can log on from any computer without having to create the account locally.


    2) If WHS is in fact a domain controller, is the Group Policy functionality intact and exposed on WHS? Can i control the behavior of all accounts and such using this method?

    3) I have an infrant ReadyNAS NV+ attached as my primary storage for the network. Will WHS support the nifty storage and disk functions if the disk(s) are mapped over the network?




    Sunday, March 4, 2007 8:52 AM