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  • Hello, I need to start somewhere....... I need to TRY and understand the issues I am having regarding my signing into my home pc windows 10 desktop. I do not understand MS and how the different components integrate. 

    The first problem is my desktop it says workgroup, since I have owned this desktop, it says workgroup. I have tried to do research because it always has been a Home Desktop for personal use only.

    My question is how do I go about changing this. In addition, I have become frustrated because I believe the problems I am having with peformance is the sole reason why it takes this PC so long to start to start up. I was forced to buy the entire suite of MS office. I only wanted Word and this too automatically thinks It is a workgroup.

    I believe the problem may have started in 2015 when I tried to drive for UBER and without my doctors approval, thought that driving should not be a problem. However, my neuropathy and prior paralysis in 2006 made it impossible. Therefore, the Toyota Finance company required me to file a ficticious name with the state at my home. That way I could get a reduced APR % on a car loan I had obtained.  I have been on Disability SSDI since 1997. I would appreciate if someone who has the expertise to help me get the set up properly.

    Currently I have a gmail account which is being used as tyhe MS account. However, I have an outlook.com email  I reactivated and want to use gto sign into my desktop. I think it will help the MS team fix the problems and make this esktop work properly. Thank you David Mendelsohn

    Wednesday, June 13, 2018 10:08 AM