How Do I Remove The "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Wizard" RRS feed

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  • There is a very old joke that I do not recall but the punch line is "This is just like what you get from Microsoft Support.  An answer that is technically correct but completely useless."  I can see nothing has changed in oh say 25 years.

    This article does not address the question, which was related to getting rid of the bootup install prompt WITHOUT INSTALLING.  Any other legit software vendor,  no stop, any legit software vendor would not install something like this on your computer.  Anyway, if you did get to this point by accident with one of them, "Cancel" would actually cancel it and it would never come up again.  IT WOULD NOT KEEP POPPING UP EVERYTIME YOU BOOT WITH NO WAY OF GETTING RID OF IT.

    What is worse is that I originally thought it was malware because I did not recognize the logo.


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  • Hello Kevind44,

    From http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/905474:

    "If you obtain the WGA Notifications for Windows XP application through Windows Update or through Microsoft Update, the application will be installed on your computer according to your Automatic Update settings. In some cases, installation will occur at your next logon. During installation, you will be able to review the license terms and you will have the option to decline the update. If you decline the update, the application will not be installed. Upon acceptance of the terms and installation of WGA Notifications, you will receive updates that are specific to the application automatically."

    Follow the steps to install the update and when it asks you to accept the EULA, decline it.  The software will no longer ask to be installed.  Case closed.

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