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  • I have to solve a use case that does not fit in well with static filtering of the server data: (Sorry for the longish explanation, but I feel it is required to explain the problem)

    Let me make a generalized example of the problem:
    Dealing with home adresses, say I configure a filter to only return all adresses in San Diego. The use case requires to record the owners of the buildings. Now of course, the owners adresses will be dispersed all over the country which is not easily handled with a simple filter.

    What I sould like to implement is a possibility for the users to download additional adresses to the server when they are online. It should be possible to then synchronize changes made to these adresses.

    Would this work?
    1. Synchronize all adresses of San Diego using a filtering where clause part
    2. Allow the user to select additional adresses outside San Diego over a Web Service
    3. Insert the user selected additional adresses in the client database
    4. Avoid those additional adresses from being synchronized to the server (They are already part of the server tables as the webservice gets them from the same table the synchronization services gets it's adress records. A synchronization would probably lead to a ApplyChangesFailed event on the server because of primary key violation)
    5. Allow the user to modify the additional adresses
    6. Synchronize the changes made by the user to the additional adresses.

    My uncertainties lie in step 4. and 6.
    4. Is there a way to accept the inserts of those additional adresses without obliterating possible changes made by the user on other adress records (My understanding of AcceptChanges(adress_table) is that it would accept all changes
    6. Will synchronization apply the client changes in the additional tables to the server even though the additional adresses are outside the server filter clause.

    Thanks for your replies
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